"What an absolute dream! A while ago I was lucky enough to be a part of a bridal party that Bonnie was shooting my first thought when I saw the video was, BUT I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS FILMING ALL OF THIS! Bonnie films the day without you even noticing and the special moments she captures just burst anyones heart. Immediately after this wedding I knew we had to have her for our own! Bonnie felt like a friend who was just as excited as me about the whole day and all of the fun moments. Every single video we’ve watched of hers would bring me to tears and I didn’t even know the couples in them. Nothing was ever a stress and I just felt so ridiculously comfortable. You honestly made me feel like a friend! We cannot thank you enough you’re just too amazing for words!"


"I interrupt my 1000th time watching our wedding highlight video (that we only received yesterday!) to write this review because I need everyone know how amazing Bonnie is! Not only is she a hilarious, beautiful person with a very calming energy, she is incredibly talented at what she does. I have no idea how she managed to so perfectly capture our whole day in a 5-minute video, but I do know it’s left me ridiculously excited to receive our feature film in the coming weeks! Thank you thank you thank you, Bonnie! You’re the best!"