I left this wedding as one very sore wedding videographer... from working hard you might ask? Well, yes, I always give it my all, but this time it was from the constant, non-stop, all-day-long SMILE that I had on my face! You couldn't have wiped it off if you tried!
Something that always strikes me about the couples that I get to meet is how genuinely caring, respectful and gentle they are with each other. These two had that in spades. I felt completely at ease in their presence, like spending time with old friends. When looking around at their family & friends, it wasn't hard to see where they get it from. 
Jayme-Dee & Billy's family & friends flocked from all over Australia to Port Stephens, where they spent 4 nights at The Retreat before wrapping it up with one hell of a party to celebrate Jayme-Dee & Billy saying 'I do'
At the end of the night the dance floor was pumping and I left with a pizza & a cupcake so yeah, it was pretty much the best.




So many things I could say about this wedding! The dress, the flowers, the incredible weather... This was one of those weddings that has you not wanting to go home at the end of the night. 
Jaimee & Seb were married at Wallalong House, which in itself is all you need to guarantee an epic wedding. Chuck in a Leah Da Gloria dress, guests arriving in helicopters, one hell of a sunset and a jam-packed dance floor and you have yourself a truly unforgettable day! 
The only hitch in sight happened days before these two said 'I do'... Jaimee AKA Mayo, is a producer for KIIS FM's Kyle & Jackie O Show and fell victim to one of their 'Only Lying' prank calls. She was told that Wallalong House had been double booked and she was to share their marquee with another wedding. You can watch Jaimee's reaction here. I can say with 100% certainty that she was FAR more gracious than I would have been. 
Needless to say, she did not have to share a marquee or PA system with another wedding and the day went ahead perfectly.
The energy was unparalleled... shots at the end of the aisle post ceremony, almost 200 guests clapping like thunder for the bridal party entrances and most notably, the undeniable love and respect these two lovers have had since childhood. A day at work that I'll never forget!




When I think of this day I think of Gelato and I hear "CASS CASS CASSSIIIEEE" being belted out on the dance floor to the tune of the iconic 'Jackie' by Joanne. if you're not already screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs then you're most likely not a child of the 90's. I, however, am, (1992 WHAT UP) and in that moment I felt as though I had found my people. 
I knew this day was going to be a boat load of fun before it had even begun! It could have been the fruit and chocolate that Cassie had prepared for our pre-wedding catch up (I love chocolate) or the two adorable fluffballs (Eddie & Reggie) that greeted me when I arrived (I love dogs) who knows! All I can say is that I left wanting to be their best friends for ever and ever and ever. But seriously, what a couple. I think almost every person in Wollongong made the trek up to Newcastle for Cassie & Nathan's big day which probably made the uncharacteristically bad weather even more disappointing. However, the rain is something that I can barely remember. I remember constant laughter, a surprise cameo from Reggie & Eddie mid ceremony, heartfelt yet hilarious speeches and a killer dance floor. If I could do this day again without changing a single thing I absolutely would. 




A story I am guilty of telling over and over again is the story of... MATT'S. SPEECH. 
There was far more to this day than Matt's speech... There was the picturesque Mindaribba House, the dark and moody colour palette that made me squeal like an idiot when I saw it, an outdoor dinner under fairy lights and the ever so calm, relaxed nature of it all. So relaxed that I had to remind myself I was at work and this was, in fact, a wedding. Chilled vibes are not always easy to find on these special yet chaotic days! However, the moment etched in my mind forever was when our groom, Matt, stood up to say his speech. I am an absolute sucker for a good love story so when Matt started his speech by pulling out a letter that he had written to Abbey during a Year 9 Geography class, he had my attention! The letter went a little something like this... 
"I want to grow up with you and some day marry you. I want to grow old together... Sorry if that sounds a little obsessive, LOL. But I really am in love with you"
                                                          *Bonnie is dying*
"I want to stay in love with you for the rest of our lives, thats if you'll take me, LOL. Marry me please"
                                                          *officially dead*
Matt wraps up his letter and goes on to say how perplexed he was to find out that 16 year old Abbey wasn't looking for a marriage proposal. His letter was met by a lecture from Abbey saying they had a lot of growing up to do still and he couldn't possibly know any of those things at 16... Well, jokes on you Abbey, because after 11 years of waiting Matt finally had his chance to stand up in front of all your family & friends and say "I told you so"