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Here is a list of our most commonly asked questions. 






Do I ever!? Yes... Yes I will. Travel is one of my greatest loves and Its so exciting shooting in new places! If you're after a travel quote head to the enquiry page or click here

To keep it short.. no. To comply with copyright laws all music used needs to be fully licensed for online sharing, this usually rules out all of your favourite bangers. The good news is I have access to a gazillion tracks and I always make sure your song choice/s are a reflection of you & your other half. 

Do you travel?

Can we choose our music?

How long is the edit process?

What's the booking process like? Will you hold a date?

Do you use a drone?

Post production is by far the most time consuming part of the video making process and arguably the most important. It can take around 12-14 weeks to cut together your final product.

Easy! Get in touch via the contact page and I'll respond with our pricing package. If possible I always love to meet you guys in person! its a great opportunity for you to fire as many questions my way as you like and for you to decide if we're a good fit, after all you're potentially inviting me along on the most important day of your lives! When you're ready to book it's as simple as signing the online agreement and submitting a 25% deposit of whichever package you choose. We cannot hold a date for you, it would simply be unfair to other potential clients, however we will allow a short amount of time for you to get things sorted.

I most certainly do! You will notice it isn't in my optional extras... Thats because the use of the drone is really dependant on the day itself and can't be guaranteed beforehand. Not only are there certain legal restrictions on drones, there are weather restrictions also, and not only that, I will always prioritise capturing those special moments that can only be captured from the ground. Drone footage can take time, so if there isn't a good window during your coverage period it may not be an option.