Thats a good question... And to be honest its something I am still figuring out.
I love pizza but I hate cheese. 
I'm an introvert but I love meeting new people. 
I'm a home body but I've travelled all over the world. 
Hours can go by while I just stare and admire how beautiful my dog is... seriously, she's stunning (but takes a terrible photo)
I can spend a full day working on something just to end up saying 'hmm, nah' and deleting it all. 
Nobody makes guacamole like I do. 
I get way too attached to characters in TV shows. These same irrational attachment issues WILL apply to your love story as well, I will probably never forget it. After years of resisting, clutching on tight to my cynicism, I have finally let go and given in to the fact that I'm sappy little romantic at heart. You guys have done it. You've worn me down.

Who is Bonnie?


I'm not one for self promotion. Even the thought of it makes my skin crawl. So I'm not going to name a bunch of reasons why you should hire me. I WILL, however, give you a bunch of reasons why you should hire a videographer. 
One of the most common things I hear after delivering a video to a couple is how they instantly feel transported back to that day. The movement, the motions, all the buzz and excitement... Video captures something that photography doesn't.
There are things that will happen on your wedding day that you will miss... Like seeing your other half get ready, or seeing your grandparents arrive to your ceremony. Let a videographer capture all the moments that you can't see for yourself.
You will forget your ceremony and all of the sweet, funny and embarrassing things said during your speeches. It's just a fact. The day will go by like a blur... why not capture it forever?
And lastly... Don't you want to be that annoying grandparent that forces their grandchildren to sit down and watch their wedding video? I DO. And I wish I could. I'm not talking your parent's dodgy 80's handy cam wedding video. I mean films like mine. Films that capture the energy and capture your world as it is, at that moment in time. I would love to see the way my grandparents moved in their younger years, to see the way they would have interacted with each other and to hear their voices telling each other, in front of all their family and friends, how much they love each other. See.. I'm a sappy little romantic.

Why you should have a videographer.


One thing I'll say... Who am I kidding, I have a million things to say. But the thing I will prioritise is this... Nothing is more important than the experience you have on your day. To me, enjoying yourself on your wedding day comes before anything else, eeeven your video & photos. I really do believe that if you're not comfortable, relaxed and having the greatest day EVER, then I'm not doing my job properly.